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The quality which has been checked up by time!


Company " KITprom": the quality which has been checked up by time!

 Company " KITprom " of 15 years actively develops in the market of industrial materials. During the existence we have considerably expanded assortment of production made by us. We cooperate with many Russian enterprises focused on electronic, motor-car construction, oil, food and other industries. From year to year the number of our partners increases. Besides among them there are those who cooperates with us from the moment of our basis, having convinced personally in high quality of our production and constantly extending to a ruler of materials.

 Now we can confidently tell, that are ready to satisfy inquiries of any industrial enterprise, in fact the list of the goods given by us includes polymeric products, insulating materials, layered plastics, stuffings asbestosfree, asbestos technical   materials, heat-insulated materials, rubber technical  products, mica-bearing materials.

 Frequently to us address under the recommendation of our clients, and it for us — the best praise and plus of reputation. We constantly increase number of the clients. And those who once has started to cooperate with us, do not aspire to find any more to themselves new partners.

 Company " KITprom" can confidently tell, that represents the amicable rallied collective of the qualified experts having behind a back a long-term operational experience in given sphere and perfectly knowing the business. Each worker who comes to us to collective, preliminary passes serious interview and necessarily has excellent recommendations.

 At each production phase any kind of our production, passes careful quality assurance. Given materials correspond to all norms and GOLTs.

 Addressing in company " KITprom", you can be firmly assured not only as received production, but also of the long mutually advantageous cooperation based on honesty and trust.

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