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Carbonized Fiber Packing with PTFE

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 Carbonized Fiber Packing with PTFE

 Packing trudges from unshrinkable carboxylic fibres with impregnation fluoroplastic suspension, does not contain some silicon and oil. In comparison with traditional packing from a carbon fibre, this packing not fragile, can be applied at greater peripheral speeds, and also in the food-processing industry. Carboxylic the layer has high durability and good heat conductivity, fluoroplastic impregnation possesses self-greased effect, therefore this packing does not damage a shaft and has a long resource of work.

 Packing can be used in weak acids and alkalis or in the environments comprising a small amount of firm particles, both in dynamic, and in a static condition. It is mainly used in centrifugal and piston pumps, mixers and laking to armature. Without cooling it is possible to use in contact to hot water down to 160C, with cooling in contact to hot water down to 207C. Especially approaches for hot water and a condensate in the main cooling pumps.



Pressure, МPа


Centrifugal pumps

2МPа -25m/s


Piston pumps

10МPа -2m/s


20МPа -2m/s






-50~+280 C