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Cork Rubber Sheet

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 Cork Rubber Sheet

Make by mixing a bark of a pith tree, synthetic rubber and pitch binder. Mix press in the form of the block, after pasting cut on sheets. The material has properties of elasticity of rubber and compressibility of a pith tree that gives to it excellent characteristics.Can be used as various linings in cars, tractors, the ships, oil pipelines, an electric equipment. It is a high-quality kind of a new sealing material which can be used in conditions of average pressure. Sheets have fine elasticity, good resistibility to water, oil and solvents, and also good compressibility.



Kinds of hardness

Shore hardness number

55-70 (average)

70-85 (high)

Density, g/sm3, not less

0,9 (average)

1,05 (high)

Durability at a stretching, kg/sm2, not less

15 (average)

20 (high)

Compressibility, 300 pound* on square inch *, %

15-30 (average)

10-20 (high)

Working pressure


Internal pressure


Working temperature

-40~120~150 Cº


*Inch = 2,45sm

 *Pound= 0,5kg

The size of sheets:

950Х640mm, thickness 0,8~100 mm

915Х610mm , thickness 0,8~100 mm

1800Х650 mm