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High silica glass fibre rope


High silica glass fibre rope

 Cords filled intend for heat insulation and condensation of units of boiler installations and another heat exchanging the equipment working in gas-air environments of products of combustion organic fuel (natural gas, black oils and firm fuel). Temperature of a working environment: glass-up to 300С; high silica glass-up to 900С; quartz-up to 1100 S.Minimalnaja temperature of operation rope-a minus 60 S.Shnury filled all marks represent a product consisting from stuff and one or two braids. The cord with two braids is applied with the purpose of increase of wear resistance. For a braid strings are used. For stuff- high silica glass strings, canvases from high silica glass fibres.

 SHSN (R) — glass, filled roving;

SHКN (N) — high silica glass, filled by a string;

SHК (BА) N(N) (-high silica glass, filled unshrinkable  dress  a string;

SHКN (H) — high silica glass , filled by a canvas;

SHКVN (R) — quartz, filled roving.

 Designation of marks of cords SHSN (R); SHКN (N); SHК (BА) N (; SHКN (; SHКVN (consists of three parts:

The first part alphabetic:


C-string glass;

K-string high silica glass;

BA-string high silica glass unshrinkable  dress ;

N-cord filled;

V brackets:


(N) -stuff-string;

(H)-stuff- high silica glass a canvas.

The second part digital: 1; 2 quantity of braids of a cord.

The third part numerical-nominal diameter of a cord in mm.

High silica glass cord SHКN (H) is intended for heat insulation and condensation of joints in designs at working temperatures up to 900°С (joints of trolleys for annealing porcelain, a brick, etc.) Section ropes-round and square. Are issued by diameter from 5 up to 50mm.


Working temperature, °C


The maintenance amorphous SiO3, %


Maintenance А12Оз, %


Diameter of fibres, micron:





0,8; 1,5; 6- 9

Linear усадка, no more, than %


For not set

до 7

For set

до 1

Specific electric resistance, Ohm/sm (20С)


Dielectric permeability


Factor of heat conductivity, Vt/mK:


Fabric 600 г/м2 set


At 500°C


At 1000°C


Nonwoven cloth with volumetric weight 130 kg/m3


At 500 °С


At 1000 °С



Stability: are steady against action of water, pair, acids (except for HF, НзР04), weak alkalis, fluidize metals (except for Мg, Na, Si) and alloys.