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asbestos raw materials

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 A chrysotile-asbestos is used in different areas — from the space system engineering to the production of cloth, skids, build materials and other. A chrysotile-asbestos is a basic component for cement, technical and cardboard  wares. 

  Рresently a chrysotile-asbestos is used in   65 countries, where  an over 2/3 population  of the world lives, with his application the more than three thousand  names of wares are made .

  It is a powder-like, in form sheet, tissue fireproof isolation for the hull of courts, knots of engines, fireproof paints and coating for reservoirs, metallic armature and constructions, fireproof fabrics for theatrical curtains, for the clothes of firemen, metallurgists, electric welders, researchers of volcanoes.  

  It is cloth, cardboard, paper,  аsbestos rope for a thermal isolation, asbestos packing.

    In mixture with synthetic resins an asbestos is applied at making of friction materials, brake protective straps, elements of hydros, brake systems for cars, tractors, air and railway transport, space system engineering, stopwaters for vessels, workings under high pressure and rarefaction.

   In mixture with hydraulic astringent asbestocement is produced, with bituminous connective are roofings coverages and bituminous concrete mixtures for travelling building, with the same connective and alongside other are insulants, tile for a floor. More 75% obtained in Russia and world of chrysolitic asbestos traditionally used for the production of asbestos cement products.