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 Meta-aramide a fibre (the mark is most known — "Nomex") differs high thermal stability. It is capable long time to work at temperature 250 °C, for short time (some seconds) the temperature can raise up to 400-500 °C, and at sufficient safety factor — still above. Aramide, as well as the overwhelming majority of other organic connections, burns in an atmosphere of oxygen, but concentration of oxygen in air has not enough for steady burning — the fibre quickly independently dies away, if is outside of a flame.

  Fibres Nomex® metaaramide manufactures of company " Dupont " already more than thirty years are used in manufacture of heat-resistant clothes. Fabrics Nomex® it is noticeably allocated on a background of fabrics for overalls with impregnations, and also in a number of fabrics similar to it for overalls with constant protective properties.

 Fabrics Nomex® possesses the low heat conductivity providing protection against burns II and III degree, a stable antistatics and ergonomics. The fire-resistant and heat-resistant properties of a fabric incorporated at a molecular level, are constants and are kept during all term of operation.

 Besides Nomex ® possesses property of self-attenuation, it does not burn, does not smoke, not blow and does not form smudges, perfectly transfers washings and dry-cleaners. The palette a fabric includes bright, saturated colors, steady against influence of ultra-violet beams.

   The aramide fibre has three basic lacks: the price, "fear" of water and ageing.

   At drench in a fibre hydrogen communications that reduces its mechanical durability almost twice are broken. Fortunately, at drying it restores the qualities. Besides in due course mechanical durability of a fibre is lost irrevocably. As a rule, manufacturers give 5 years of a guarantee on preservation by a fibre of the properties.