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 Mixed SIR the fibre (nitron-D, nitron-C) represents a mix acrylic fibres of various types of development and linear density. Polyacrylic (SIR) of a fibre — the synthetic fibres formed from solutions polyacrylic or the copolymers containing more of 85 % (on weight)

 Distinctive properties:

 SIR a fibre possesses a good complex of consumer properties. On the mechanical properties SIR of a fibre are very close to a wool, and in this respect they surpass all other chemical fibres. Them quite often name « an artificial wool ». Possess the maximal light resistance, enough high durability and rather big extensibility (22-35 %). Owing to low hygroscopicity, these properties in a damp condition do not change. Products from them after washing keep the form. Are characterized by high thermostability and stability nuclear radiations. Possess inertness to pollutant, therefore products from them are easily cleared. Are not damaged moth and microorganisms.

   Action of chemical reagents on a fibre.

  Ae steady against action of strong acids of average concentration even at heating, and also to alkalis of average concentration. The solvents applied to washing and cleaning of clothes (gasoline, acetone, four-chloride carbon, dichloroethane, etc.), do not influence durability of a fibre. Phenol, m-cresol and formalin destroy a fibre.

 Lacks SIR of fibres:

 Low hygroscopicity, rather greater rigidity, electrification, susceptibility peeling . On stability to abrasion concede to polyamide and polyester fibres.