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PP, Polipropilen sheet

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 The Sheets from polipropilen are put out for fabrication  of product by method of thermo shaping, as well as facing, anticorrosive, homemade article material and others Sheets are made to be sawn according to  marks 02003, 01005 State standards 26996. It i s allowed using of the other marks, as well as composition and mixtures on their base and technological departure corresponding to marks.

Physico-mechanical features sheet correspond to the following data. Importances of the factors PP: the Temperature of usage is from -15оС to120оС; the limit to fluidity at sprain kgs/sm2 not less 220; the relative lengthening not less 70%.

The Sheet  is got as a result thermo pressing or extrusion of high molecular polipropilen. On many characteristic properties it is advantageously differs from the other materials. It possesses beautiful chemical stability in majority of the aggressive ambiences, is used in organic and inorganic concentrated and diluted acid, is a beautiful dielectric.

Polipropilen sheet has low water and gas permeability. Depending on warm-up conditions it  possesses as springy, so and plastic characteristic. The Relative mechanical featutures allow under alike mass to create the more strong designs, than steel. The Limit to toughness under statistical load product is in 3-4 times more, than beside similar product from polyethylene of the high pressure. Sopolimery from polipropilen with ethylene and others noticeably raise it frost stability, striking viscosity, reducing at aptitude to forming the rifts.

Polipropilen sheet, made by method extrusion  is dull and transparent. The given material differs high chemical- and thermo stability that does it ideal for fabrication of the packing by method vacuum and pnevmo shaping in different branches of industry. Extrusion sheet is more chemical rack and ecological clean; scratch; peel in contrast with traditional polystyrene and PVH, applicable in packing sphere. The special marks of extrusion sheet is designed for production of decorated ceiling lamp of the day light with fixing of the embossing ("rhombus", "square") and cutting the stocking up on sheets long before 1000 mm. Maximum width of the sheet before 1380 mm. Length unlimited. The Thickness from 2,5 before 5,0 mm. Density of the sheet 0,92. The Price of the material from 60 rouble/kg.

The Application of given product is very varied. The Sheets can be used for fabrication of the baths, heat, crater for warning the adhesion, drum, air water, filter installation, pump, galvanic line; as electro insulating, facing of the material in different branches  of industry. Besides, p/p sheets are  used for fabrication of home product: stools, box for seeding etc., as well as product, contacting with food-stuffs: prepare the boards (for meat for instance, fish, fruit), capacity for water etc. Raised stability to fatty ambience allows him quickly to gain popularity beside producers oil, oleomargarine, mayonnaise and other food fat. The Amount thermo pressed sheet 2000 mm, thickness from 6 up to 80 mm. Extrusion sheet width. 1400 mm. length from 2000 mm. Thick masses-  2-5mm.