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PMMA sheet

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 PMMA sheet  - has found a very broad usage  not only in  industry , but also in a daily life. The transparency and optical characteristic of organic glass enable its using in many areas. Stability to diligence and blow toughness are features due to which organic glass has got a  broad popularity.
  PMMA sheet — is a technical name of an optical transparent material (the poliacrilates, polystyrene, polycarbonate).
  PMMA sheet -a sheet made from metilmetacrilat (the plexiglas) plastification (beside 100-130oС is softened). Yields to vacuum - and pnevmomoulding, stamping, mechanical processing, waxing, welding, splicing, manual thermomoulding. Misses ultraviolet. It is used as contruction material in avia-, car- and shipbuilding, for becoming glass of hotbed, solariums, dome, windows and decorative decorating of the buildings; for fabrication of the details instrument, the med. prosthetic device, optical lenses, container for food industry. PMMA sheet block thickness more 30мм - a pool defensive.
     Main characteristic of PMMA sheet:
The Characteristic, which characterises organic glass, present its as universal material, possibility of which are far from limited by change traditional material.
The Absence of the own colouration of the material provides very high permeability . They are reflected only 8% of falling light and can be used remained 92%. In  case when such permeability  is introduced undesirable, it can be used white or toned material. For comparison: usual (silicate) windowpane misses light less. One more advantage of PMMA sheet is concluded in ecological capacity  / for health and high striking toughness, which in 5 times higher, than for usual glass. Under the same thickness organic glass weighs in 2 times less, than silicate glass, partly misses the ultraviolet rays, does not become yellow  when is used in street and does not change the color tone when is used during many years.

Viewing without garbling and optical characteristic properties it is permitted to use organic glass in many areas, besides, organic glass differs the high atmosphere stability and stability to growing old.

Thereby, mechanical and optical characteristic  of organic glass   are not changed greatly even in condition of perennial atmospheric influence.

Small weight, high limit to toughness, absolute transparency  allow to  use organic glass in industrial production.

   Due to such characteristic, as toughness, moulding, transparency and attractiveness of the material organic glass has found a broad use in different branches of industry:

 -a lighting technology: light overlappings, torch, lighting instruments, diffusing lamp, shave ;

 -a light advertisement: light indicator panel, light facades, three-dimensional light letters, light basket, elements light and advertising design on order;

   -An Architecture and construction: construction of the town buildings, fabrication of the doors, shop windows,  overlapping, partition, the panels, fences, stairways, steps, soundisoluting fences, racks for hotels, offices, mails and banks - decoration of  stadiums, discos, bars, cafes, hotels: partitions, racks, overlapping, stylish fragments, dome, pools, aquariums;

   -A trade equipment and demonstrative advertisement: shop windows, counter, price lists, stands, decorative details, serving tables, desk glass, exhibition stands, billboards, signboards, defensive covering, flow for refrigeration equipment, diversionary shelving, regiments with cell for different products, pallet, boxes;

   -Machine-tool construction: defensive adjustments for processing tool and equipment, lids of the panels of management, board of management` glazing, panels, exact measuring instrument;

   -An auto industry: license plates, lateral streamliners protection for headlights, glazing of tractors, cars;

   -In every day life: aquariums  of different sides, desk glasses, pots for flowers, magazine tables, stands, sanitary technic including sinks, showers, baths, home pools, lamps, shave, lifts, refrigerators, ledges for baths, including angular, baby trays,  boxes for needlework, capacities for loose products, plates, pallet for cookware's, buttons, key ring, straightedges, small boxes, mounts for mirror, pictures, souvenirs from organic glass  and etc.

A special types of the using: solarium, washing stations, dials, exact measuring instruments, agricultural hothouses, hothouses, summerhouses, summer cottage tables, chairs, telephone boxes,  pavilions for bus stop ,boards for announcements and information, shields basketball, partitions for medicine and newsstands, domes from organic glass for industrial buildings, athletic buildings, baby platforms, winter gardens, lenses for spectacles, means of protection of vision`s organs.

Using of organic glass in industrial production.

   PMMA sheet presents itself synthetic material from acrylic resins, produced transparent or opaque. Depending on purposes, in composition polymerization mixture can be entered plastificators dye staffs, turbid matters, stabilizers. Thereby, one release plastificated and unplastificated glasses, colourless, transparent, colour transparent, colour opaque, turbid..

   Organic glass is characterized by high toughness, atmospherestability, resistance to action of water, alcohol, diluted acids and alkalis, biological ambiences. It is physically harmless, easy yields to mechanical processing that stipulates for its varied using in the most different areas, including  production goods  of public consumption and in advertisment.

   Depending on way of  production organic glass is subdivided on two types - block and extrusion organic glass.

   According to their physic-mechanical characteristic the block and extrusion glasses differ from each other insignificantly: both types of glasses have enough high importances of toughness at breakup, strike stability, heat-resistances, moisturestability. The Warm-up interval, in which thermomoulding is produced for extrusion organic glass is little lower and narrower than for block organic glass. Organic glass of the different types differs on mechanical short and permanent characteristics, formmoulding when heating, quality of surfaces and etc. Block organic glass differs from extrusion by more high quality of external appearance..

   Organic glass is released by different marks, nominal value, as well as big color gamut and differs from  each other  by its characteristics,defining area of its usage.

   Extrusion organic glass is basically used for production of lighttechnic,  in construction, registration and repair, advertisment, at production consumer goods.

   Acrylic glass, besides sheet, is released also in the form of block by thickness up to 200 mms, hollow panels ("cellural"), as well as in the form of bars and pipes. Block organic glass is used in machine-, car-, instrument-,air-, shipbuilding, in medicine and guard of the labour, in transport, advertisment, lighting technology, construction and architecture, at registration and repair, in production of consumer goods.