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Nylon it is construction material of class of polyamides, is the substitute of the coloured metals and their alloys. Also known and under other names, such as caprolaktan, caprolactam.

Here already more than 30 years of nylon with success are used in shipbuilding, engineer, energy. Used in chemical, oil and cellyulozno-bumazhnoy industry. We offer the following line of products: bars, folias, circle, blocks, hobs.

 Methods of treatment of this material: milling, sharpening, boring and polishing. To dignities of nylon it is possible to attribute his stability to influence of hydrocarbons, butters, alcohols, cetones, ethers, lyes, and weak acids.His feature is that he has a low coefficient of friction, can work without greasing in the knots of friction, remarkable dielectric. The production of nylon is possible with addition of graphite (grafitonylon), he differs that has the improved  antifriction descriptions due to the graphite greasing.  

  Nylon (polyamide 6) CS 6-05-988-87 steady to influences of carbonhydratess, oils, alcohols, cetones, ethers, lyes and weak acids. Advantage of nylon is that he possesses chemical firmness and nontoxic, that allows widely to use him in an equipment for food industry. Well dissolves in cresols, phenols, concentrated mineral acids, ant and vinegar acids.

  Nylon is used in food industry in:

- vehicles for the production of macaronis, ice-cream, stuffing, pastry wares

- filling-and-capping machine (campanellis, bearings, hobs)

- rolling-up typewriters (rollers)

-  labellers (cog-wheels, asterisks, corks).

Application of nylon is in rural business equipment:

-sowing-machine,reaping-machines,harrows, cultivators, mowers (slidewaies)

- combines, drives of reducing gears(cog-wheels, asterisks)

- serve of feed to the cattle

- hoisting apparatus, transporters, conveyers

- light carts, trolleys (wheels)

- separators, pumps (junk-rings,lip-type seal ), cathead