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Phenolic asbestos cloth sheet

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 Phenolic asbestos cloth sheet a layered material on the basis of the asbestos fabrics of dry quality impregnated phenol formaldehyde and  resol by pitches or varnishes.

Phenolic asbestos cloth sheet machining by grinding, milling, drilling without formation of cracks, having chopped off and stratifications. In usual a condition asbestos-reinforced laminate it is nontoxical. At processing formation of a dust which renders harmful influence on an organism of the person is possible: the dust irritates a surface of the open sites of a body and the top respiratory ways.  Asbestos-reinforced laminate concerns to materials. Temperature of spontaneous ignition more 500оС.

 Phenolic asbestos cloth sheet  use also as a material for manufacturing blade on the compressor.

Scope:  Asbestos-reinforced laminate constructional it is intended for manufacturing brake and others friction devices, linings, details of mechanical coupling and other technical details, and also it is used as heat-insulated a material.

 Store in the closed and pure premise in horizontal position on shelfs or linings on distance not less than 5 sm from a floor. At long storage the temperature of air in should, to be from-10оС up to 35оС at relative humidity no more than 80 %. Admissible working temperature from-40оС up to 130оС. Temperature constancy from 225оС up to 250оС.

  Phenolic asbestos cloth sheet, Characteristics:


Ultimate bending at  destruction on basis, МPа,  not less




Charpy impact test on basis, kJ/m 2 , not less




Temperature constancy on Мартенсу, оС, not less




water absorbing, %



working temperature


-40оС to +130оС