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asbestos packing AP

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 The asbestos packing AP is the asbestos packing with graphite and oil.

 GOST 5152-84. Diameter of rope 4-30 mm. Produced in coils and bobbins, bandaged by string. Weight of coil  18-20 kg . Coils are packed in paper or polyethylene sack , bag-grade paper, or polyethylene tape.Used in gland seal  of armature, pumps. Working environment: air, neutral and subacidic solutions, petroleum, gases and pair. Maximally possible pressure: 4,5 Mpa. Working temperature: to + 300°C. Possible speed of sliding is a to 2 m/p.Guarantee term of storage — 5 years from the day of making. Terms of storage: closed storage facilities, to protect from direct sunbeams, hold farther than a 1 m from heat-radiating devices.