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asbestos packing AFT

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Asbestos packing  AFT is an elastic cord of square or rectangular section, interlaced from an asbestos filament, saturated with the suspension of fluoroplastic with talc,without graphite, GOST 5152-84. Size of section: 4-28 mm.Produced in coils or bobbins, bandaged by string by a middle-weight 13-15 kg .Coils are packed in paper or polyethylene sacks, bag-grade paper, or polyethylene tape.Used in the stuffing-box compressions of armature, working with the condensated gases (oxygen, nitrogen and other) and organic products (petrol, benzol, toluene, acetone, furfurane, tetrahydrofuran and other) at pressure of environment 25 Mpa and temperature from — 200 to + 300°C, and also with etilenom at pressure 150 Mpa and temperature + 250°C .Possible speed of sliding is a to 2 m/s. In the stuffing-box compressions of pumps, workings with organic products, sour, alkaline environments, by an ammonia at pressure of itemperature for chempumps — 3 Mpa and =300 °C, for piston pumps — 34 Mpa and + 250°C, sliding speed to 15 and a 2 m/s accordingly.