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asbestos packing AGI

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 The asbestos packing  of AGI is an elastic rope of square or rectangular section, interlaced from an asbestos tape, saturated with glue with a graphite,  contains the inhibitor of corrosion GOST 5152-84. Size of section: 3-28 mm. Produced in coils or bobbins, bandaged by string by a middle-weight 13-15 kg. Coils are packed in polyethylene  sacks or polyethylene tape.

 It is applied in stuffing-box consolidations of fixture, pumps, the motionless connections working with: inert gases, nitrogen, air at pressure 20 МПа, temperature not above 325°С, water steam at pressure to 35 Мpа, temperature not above 565 °C, petroleum at pressure to 32 Мpа, temperature not above + 450°C, water and organic products at pressure to 38 Мpа, temperature to + 280°С the pumps working with: water and organic products at pressure to 2 Мpа, temperature not above 70 °C and speeds of sliding to 25 m/s; gaseous and liquid ammonia at pressure to 32 Мpа and temperature from — 70 to + 160 °C, at speed of sliding to 15 m/s.

 For consolidation of motionless connections of the devices working with: liquid and gaseous petroleum, excited environments at pressure to 37 Мpа and temperature not above 600°C. Pered installation of its stuffing is recommended to be pressed under the pressure of 35-40 Мpа in the form of rings in the sizes  stuffing-box . A warranty period of storage — of 5 years from the date of manufacturing. Storage conditions: the closed storage rooms to protect from direct solar beams, to keep further 1 m from heat-radiating devices.