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Mica sheet


 Mica sheet

 Mica-this general name of a wide class silica-alumina minerals. The majority of kinds of mica crystallize in monoclinic to system and are characterized by almost perfect splitting of a crystal on the basic axis that allows greater crystals as original  " the book "  to divide into uncountable quantity thin, flexible with high viscosity of destruction scale .

 These minerals can be divided into four basic types, the name which gives the general mineral in each group: muscovite , phlogopite , biotite , lepidolite . From them only muscovite and phlogopite are found in the nature scaled , that their industrial use allows. Mica possesses high thermal and chemical durability.

 Industrial requirements to sheet are reduced to perfection of crystals and their sizes; to fine С.-cleanliness of a mica material. Muscovite and phlogopite are high-quality electroinsulating a material, irreplaceable in electro- , radio-, and the aircraft technician.