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Silicone insulating tape

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 Silicone insulating tape

 ЛЭТСАР-it is applied to isolation of flexible shunts and conclusions of electric machines constant and an alternating current, induction electric furnaces, high-voltage transformers, gluing, orientations, transportations and development of semi-conductor elements, isolation of electric cables, plaits, trunks and resistance.

 Uniqueness of properties of a tape made on the basis of organic-silicon consists in absence of toxicity and its high stability influence:

 Heat and frost (a class thermal-life characteristics «Н», a range of working temperatures from-50 up to 250С);

 Moisture, ozone, ultra-violet beams;

 Oils, gasoline and other chemical reagents;

 Electrocurrent (electric durability not less than 20 kV/mm, specific resistance not less than 1*1014 Ohm).

  Can be used as "improvised" means for hermetic sealing leaks in pipelines at the raised pressure and temperature.

 Distinctive feature ЛЭТСАР is its ability to self-adhersion due to vulcanization (sewing together) of layers. Thus monolithic very strong environment from selicon the rubbers, providing tight protection of connection against influence of an atmosphere and the sun is formed.

 The tape possesses property autohesion (absence of stratifying) at winding In half of turn in 48 hours per usual conditions, and additional heating considerably accelerates self-adhersion. Owing to effect itselfcontraction application of tape ЛЭТСАР besides isolation of electrotechnical production is possible and for a tight mechanical waterproofing plastic and anticorrosive protection of metal inactive connections of pipelines and in other areas where application of tapes of PVC is excluded.

 The tape is delivered in the form of rolls with a polyethylene lining of layers in diameter about 150 mm and weight, on the average, about 0,5 kg, width 26 mm, and length (for КФ-0,5) — up to 25 m. the Warranty period of storage ЛЭТСАР: 8-12 months. Marks of a tape means: "К" — red, " Б"- white, «П» — rectangular and «Ф» — figured section; «ЛП» — for hermetic sealing plastic isolation with a pressure up to 35 кV, «ЛПП» — for restoration of semiconducting screens of cables with a pressure up to 35 кV. Figures mean thickness in mm. Marks of  rubberrised РЭТСАР "A" — bilaterial,"Б" — single-sided.



Mark A

Mark B

Conditional breaking strength at a stretching, МPа, not less




Relative lengthening at break, %, not less



Adhesion to steel on a first coat (hermetic "ВиксинтУ-4-21"), N/s  not less




Change of weight of a tape after endurance in water during 24hour  at 23°С, %, no more




Working temperature, С

From -50 to +250

Electric durability, not less, than kV/mm


Specific resistance, not less, the Ohm