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Glass tape with sticky layer

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 Glass tape with sticky layer

 Tape ЛСКЛ it is made by a method of impregnation electrical insulating fiber glass fabrics in organic-silicon a varnish on lubricant structure machines. Both parties cambric possess the set stickiness. It is applied as sticky insulating tapes to long work in electric machines at temperature 155-180oС depending on lubricant structure.

The basic characteristics tape ЛСКЛ-155/180:

 Specific ultimate load at a stretching along a basis, average, N/sm = 90-105;

 Penetrative pressure, (15-35oС), 45-75 %, kV, not less than 0,7-0,8;

 Specific volumetric electric resistance, Оhm/m, not less than 109.

 Tape with sticky layer ЛСКЛ than 185 mm, by width 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm with maximum deviation 2mm, reeled up on the rigid plug with internal diameter 35 mm are delivered in rollers in diameter no more.