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PVC soft sheet

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They are intended for chemical protection of  floor in the premiseses. It is used also as a packing material. Thicknesses 2, 3, 4мм. Sizes sheet 1,0*1,4-1,5 meter
Sheet plastikat presents itself thermoplastic material, received by conversion of vinylchloride to compositions by method extrusion. PVC soft sheet is used:
- for covering the special equipment and floor indoors when work with radioactive element (the atomic power stations, firing ranges departure/ transport facilities);

- for anticorrosive protection metallic design/ etching electrolysis baths with the temperature of the usages up to +70оС;

- as layer of chemical protection/ turned to reagent of the galvanic baths.
The Warm-up range of plastikat`s usage is from - 15оС  up to +70оС.
The high transparency allows to check presence of the mechanical admixtures, capable to cause flow baths to account of their dissolution reagent that exists in the event of use opaque defensive material. 
PVC soft sheet chemically racks to action of the acids and alkalis.