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PVC rood


 PVC rood welding from unplastific presents itself fine pivot simple or complex (double) of the profile. It is used as taken material at welding product from sheet material (from linoleum to Viniplast). The Warm-up range of usage is from 0оС to +60оС. The usage is allowed at the temperature up to -50oC in that events, when rods are not  subjected to the mechanical influence (the blow, vibration and t. d.). Rods are released by two profiles with following size: rod simple profile: (single peg) diameter 3,0 +-  0,5 length, m, not less 0,5 rod complex profile:(double peg) height, diameter 3,0  ± 0,5 width,  6,0mm ±1,  length not less 0,5m.