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PVC hard sheet

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PVC sheet it is got from polyvinylchloride composition with addition of stabilizators, greasings and other materials by the method of pressing of tapes.

He is steady to influence of acids, lyes and aliphatics; unsteady to influence of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. PVC harmless for a man and environment at the observance of possible temperature condition at his storage, transporting and exploitation. During work it is needed to take into account with viniplastom, that he is a dielectric, therefore, there is probability of origin of electrostatic digit at treatment.At a temperature above 175±5°C probably selection of chlorous hydrogen, chlorous vinyl, dioctylphthalate, connections of lead and 2-etilgeksilovogo alcohol in concentrations, not exceedings PDK (under condition of working in a forced-air and exhaust ventilation). PVC sheet does not support burning, I.e. he is combustible ablaze, and at a bearing-out from flame goes out here.

 Long working temperature from -30°C to +60°C, without the mechanical loading maximally possible lower limit -50°C.  PVC is used in chemical, build, motor-car, foto- and electrical industry, and also in other industries.Material is used  for chemical defence of industrial capacities, transport, technical apartments, making of casings of chemical ventilation and different chemical apparatus, pipelines, chemical and slushing defence of reservoirs in galvanizer.

 Colors: natural, white, black, painted.