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PTFE sheet


 PTFE sheet is intended for use as lining and cushioning materials in various industries.

 Sheets of PTFE -4 are resistant to effects of aggressive environments with the exception of fluorine gas, chlorine trifluoride, solutions and melts of alkali metals.

 Operating temperature range from minus-269 ° C to plus 260 ° C. Guaranteed shelf-5 years from the date of manufacture.

 Depending on the method of manufacturing sheets issued two brands: Mark "P" — PTFE sheet pressed;

 Mark "C"-PTFE sheet sliced. Quality sheets are shown in tablitse.tehnicheskih characteristics

 The plates of PTFE and PTFE-4A are intended to produce sealing, insulating, anti-friction, chemically resistant structural elements used in various industries, including food and medicine industries as parts of technological equipment (seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings , dies, membranes, etc.).

 Production of parts of the plates PTFE -4 and PTFE-4A produced by the method of machining. Depending on the quality indicators produced two kinds of plates: the highest first.

 The plates are made from high grade fluoroplastic-4 marks "Mon", "O" (GOST 10007-80) and PTFE -4A Grade 2, (TU 6-05-1999-85), plates of Class-fluoroplastic-4 marks " PN"," O "and" T "and Teflon-4A grade 2. In terms of the quality of the plate must satisfy the requirements and standards set forth in the table.

 Warranty period of storage of plates, 20 years from the date of manufacture.