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PTFE tape


 PTFE tape untargeted intended for manufacturing the cushioning, sealing and insulating material.

 Fluoroplast tape produced by mechanical means of harvesting fluoroplastic-4, molded, followed by heat treatment of powder PTFE grades P-4 and VC (GOST 10007-80).

Tape counter to the effects of all media, with the exception of fluorine gas, chlorine trifluoride, molten alkali metals. Operating temperature range tape — from minus 269 ° C to plus 260 ° C.

 Film and tape from the F-4 are designed to isolate the wires and cables, for interlayer insulation in vehicles and parts.

 Film and tape from the F-4 can be used as insulation thermocouples in machines and appliances, engaged in welding of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, as a technological anti-adhesive insulation. The film and tape released the following grades (GOST 24222-80)



Thickness, mm

Recommended scope

IN — isolation,nondirectional


For interlaminar electroisolation in devices

PN -

gasket,  nondirectional


Gasket, a sealing material


1. Appearance: Tape matte white to light gray, smooth, without cracks, gaps and through holes. Excluded: non-uniformity of color, the presence of some dark inclusions in accordance with the model approved in the prescribed manner.

 2. Strength at break in the longitudinal direction, MPa (kgf/cm2): not less than 19.1 (195).

 3. Elongation at break in the longitudinal direction,%, not less than 185.

4. Specific volume electrical resistance, Ohm * m (Ohm * cm): not less than 1 * 1014 (1 * 1016).

5. Dielectric strength at a constant voltage (MV / m) (k / mm): not less than 65 (65).