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PTFE rods


 Fluoroplastic rods produced by extrusion of heat-treated granular PTFE-4 grades "O", "PN" (GOST 10007-80) and PTFE -4A (TU 6-05-1999-85).

 The rods are designed for the manufacture of electro-machining, corrosion-resistant and antifriction.

 In terms of quality rods must conform to the requirements and standards set forth in the table. Guaranteed shelf life-15 years from the date of manufacture.

 Rods and discs of PTFE-4 are intended to produce sealing, insulating, anti-friction, chemically resistant structures used in various industries, including food, medicine, as parts of technological equipment (seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings, filters, membranes etc.)

 Production of details of rods and discs produced by the method of machining.

 Depending on the quality indicators produced two kinds of rods and discs: the highest first.

 Bars and discs are made of high grade fluoroplastic-4 marks "PN", "O" (GOST 10007-80) and PTFE -4A grade 2 (TU 6-05-1999-85).

 Rods and discs Class — PTFE-4 marks "PN", "O" and "T" and PTFE -4A mark 2.

 In terms of quality bars and discs must meet the requirements and standards set forth in the table.

 The temperature range operation of bars and disks — from minus 269 ° C to plus 250 ° C. Guaranteed shelf life — 20 years from the date of manufacture.